The Motel Fetish Collection

The Motel Fetish Collection are prints as seen in the book Motel Fetish. These prints are vintage analog photograph. The prints are not in an edition, there are only two or three of any particular photograph, many being one of a kind.  All prints are made before 2003, after 2003 no analog prints have been made. When these prints are gone there will be no more analog prints made. Prints are sign sand date the year the print was made.

Analog photographs or C-print refers to chromogenic, a photographic process that works by forming a conventional silver image and then replacing it with a dye image. Most films and papers used for color photography today are chromogenic. All analog prints in this collection were made before 2003The Dita Von Teese collection has selected analog and digital prints. Each print is noted either as "analog photograph" or "archival digital."


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